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Mista Marshall is a definite musical example of the way it used to be... blended with the way it iz and will be. 
The smooth richness of his powerful bass voice is the vehicle in which he uses to travel through the minds, hearts, and highways of men, women, and children abroad.   As a singer, Mista Marshall has the vocal ability to stand toe to toe with the best of the best.  Bringing the true touch of an old school veteran fused with a new school agenda, Mista Marshall has a musical style that is UNDENIABLE to any age group.  As a songwriter, he has proven to be an imaginative illustrator of real life on tape.The likes of his new album "Street Preachin" has the potential to bring major attention to the style of music he so proudly represents as New Memphis Soul and he is oh, so ready.  No...not R&B, not...Hip-Hop, not...Neo-soul, but......Memphis Soul Muzik!!!!  Yes, the true essence of Stax, Hi Records, Al Green, Isaac "Hot Buttered Soul" Hayes is back!!

Mista Marshall has the showmanship to make audiences become repeat indulgers.  Memphis Tri-State Defender's Ask Myron says,  " It’s the kind of music that makes you realize Curtis Mayfield was a gift to our people." So, come along for the joyous ride!!!

NEW SINGLE!!!  "It Takes A Fool"
also available on ITunes "The Children" 
and "My Town"


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