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 The Street Preacher was born on the west side of Chicago and raised in Orange Mound (Mphs. Tn.).  Mista Marshall has earned the right to sing about the issues of our neighborhoods and communities with the passion that he possesses in his lyrics.  He talks through eyes of a true man of ex-perience.   As a graduate of Memphis Overton High School (School of Creative and Performing Arts) and  a recording industry graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Mista Marshall learned that there was more to being in the music business than just being talented.  He learned that the business of music is just as important as the production and performance.  With that in mind, after graduation he decided to pursue a dream of teaching kids about what he loved—music and business.   Now as an active high school media teacher in the inner city, Mista Marshall uses the opportunity to touch hundreds of children and families with words of encouragement and wisdom.  Mista Marshall is "The Truth" when it comes to authentic soul music that raises the eyebrows and lifts the awareness in the community.  Dedicated to change, Mista Marshall is on a mission to invite the WORLD in to experience the transformation of muzik as we presently know it!! With hit songs such as "It Takes A Fool," The Children and "My Town" he plans to touch millions.  Mista Marshall has the voice and personality to capture the hearts of men, women, and children abroad---- ARE YOU NEXT?

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    Phone: 901-859-6719
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